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Your Road…Your Freedom…

In today’s ever changing world of individuality and self-promotion, one value continues to unite billions across the globe- the desire to live a long, healthy, and productive life. HighwayFit by Robert Ri’chard and Dr. Amr El- Sergany provides quick, low-intensity workouts designed to enhance the wellness of all, regardless of fitness level or daily schedule.

Created with the average person in mind, this creative fitness education frees you from the hassles of gym membership, weights and above all, travel time. HighwayFit focuses highly on the satisfaction of all, and values the expectations of each and every person. We strongly believe that a healthy lifestyle allows you to reflect upon who you are, how you feel and most importantly, what you stand for. It is our collective goal to impact society and enrich culture by building a fit conscious community through positive health practices.

“Our mission at HighwayFit is to empower every human on the planet with accessible schedule-friendly daily commitments, integrated with entertaining nutritional education to enhance their vitality and views on health.”

– Robert Ri’chard

HighwayFit is the credible source for quick, efficient and reliable information to elevate the way the world views health, fitness and nutrition. The road to fitness freedom starts now!

HighwayFit provides a specialized spectrum of medically sound fitness solutions, nutritional education, health-minded consumer products, and general medical information through quick, entertaining and reliable delivery methods.

HighwayFit – 1st Timers: Low intensity workouts for all

HighwayFit – Jet Setters: Anytime. Anywhere. Everyday.

HighwayFit – Jump Seat: No weights. No gym. No travel.

HighwayFit – Frequent Flyers: Highway to Health

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